Private Gold Mines

Height -5’4”
Weight- Before or After?
Seriously, these brides should be weighed before and after getting decked up to get the real idea. And in some cultures, like mine, the bride’s uncle is supposed to lift up the bride and seat her on the doli/decorated car when she leaves home, at vidaai after marriage.
The uncles should please practice with the after-weight, lest they end up with a broken backs and a heavy surprise…gosh, I didn’t expect this!!
Actually Kerala, now called, God’s won country should rightly be called Gold’s own country.I wonder if the rates of gold are evaluated and discussed there, per kg instead of per tolah or 10gms, a very conservative measure,like in every other part of India.

Every time a marriage is planned and arranged, the always shooting up rate of gold is the primary concern, and soon as it drops by a few bucks, people flock to the jewelers, threatening a stampede. Don’t ever forget, gold is the goal. Phones start ringing among relatives, instructing and advising to buy today, lest it climbs up again. What a gold rush!! After all, what is a wedding, without the glitter of gold?And even if no marriage is on the cards in the family, its for the future marriage of Guddi, which could be anywhere between 15-20 years or more.

As for Kerala, as my bachelor friends informed me, that Mallu girls are very beautiful, fair, educated and not ultra-modern and home-loving and docile. So they’ll be bound to home and hearth and their dads deliver them, most parts covered with gold!! What else can guys ask for?
So,all those yet to be harnessed and bound,young stallions,eligible bachelors-Kerala is the place,you all should start seeking, pronto and make it your state-in-law.
If you are born poor, its God’s fault….but if your dad-in-law is poor, its your fault, totally!!


  1. hehe.seriously.

    state-in-law. hehe.

    and i am assuming these are not sum random pictures.

  2. Hey Sara, i loved the way you described the things..and amazing pics too..)

  3. Nice blog sara...

    Nice pics too...where did you get them from??..hehe

  4. kanika2:02 AM

    hi Sara,
    I was totally aghast to say the least to see such comments coming from a woman. How can you endorse such stereotypes about "Indian brides". I was also stunned to see your frivolous views on serious issues like dowry even if it was just for fun!!

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  6. Kanika, this post was meant to be a satire..guess it didn't turn out to be!!I am against dowry as anyone could ever be..sorry if I gave the opposite message.But there are not many readers for my blog,so I hope I am not influencing anyone.

  7. I wish I met the father of one of them before. Alas!

  8. Very good post..I recently saw some pics of my friend and she was wearing gold the way u hv described in ur post....very true..

  9. bobby sandhu2:27 PM

    This is the height of sarcasm.. and dry even. Reading this post before going to bed gave me good laughs... admire your writing skills... private gold mines.... ha ha ha... this will surely make me laugh at my own wedding...

  10. Interesting photo-story here! Girl in the last photo-in-law (Goldmine) doesn't look to be Mallu though :-)


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