Too busy to pee!!

The two top things kids hate spending their time on are going to the restroom and going to sleep. Life is too full of fun and adventure and promise to shut down the eyes or spend behind closed doors in the restroom. While for us adults ,shutting down against life-sleep is the greatest rejuvenation and respite. And attending the calls of nature is taking rest,that’s why its aptly called the Restroom.

Ishaan hates the mention of sleep, taking rest. Even if his eyelids give away and are too heavy to stay open, and his eyes are red and sore,he denies that he’s sleepy and keeps on convincing us desperately to let the lights in his room be on for just a few more minutes. Its like the biggest insult you can hurl upon him calling him tired and sleepy. And he tries hard to keep his eyes open and his mouth talking until sleep finally engulfs him and drifts him away gently, unknowingly.

And a visit to toilet is again a thing that has to be procrastinated and postponed until the very moment that the bladder gives away finally. His bladder is really under a stress test all the time. Till the time he is at school and daycare, those are precious moments with friends which cannot be missed at any cost. So moments after I pick him up, he starts pestering me to drive fast because he has to go.
And once home, he just can’t hold it till I unlock the door, screaming, pleading –“I’m almost peeing in my pants” and rushes to the restroom.
And the story doesn’t end here. On weekends he is busy playing at home, too busy to go. And the moment we land at any restaurant or any store, that’s the time he can afford to go pee. So,in all grocery stores that we frequent, all pharmacies, all malls or restaurants we go to, we know exactly where the restrooms are, so we are able to make it there before he wets his pants.
And last year at Delhi, Connaught Place when shopping at the otherwise shining and upmarket and expensive Allen Solly store, he comes down with his usual request. While I was thankful that at least they had a tiny restroom or we would have to rush outside in a mad search-to-no-avail, but he whines and complains about how small and dirty it is and the flush system doesn’t work. Not to mention that they couldn’t even spare the littlest restroom space to stack some posters, cartons, carry bags.
Attention to detail, people!! You’re doing business!!

Fun Fact:Heard on the radio that some department stores in Europe have their employees wear diapers in the busy holiday shopping season to save time on restroom breaks...ewwww!!


  1. Rajesh Kumar2:21 AM

    "...thing that has to be procrastinated and postponed until the very moment that the bladder gives away finally."


  2. My confession! I visited this blog so many times but never commented. I got Sara,s blog link from Annie Zaidi,s blog. Sara you minutely observed kids and very correct in defining their actions. We need much positive writing on kids. Beharal aap ka blog vakai bahut acha hai. Keep it up.

  3. You have to be kidding - about the "fun facts". I cant believe how far are we willing to go to squeeze out every minute to make profits!!
    At least Ishaan has a valid reason for holding!
    By the way in past few months, I have also discovered every restroom in in every store - hahahah thanks to the baby stretching his legs in his very own condo. Have fun in India.

  4. interesting post, reminds me of my 2 yr old, DiTTO.

    abt the diaper for employees, I thot the developed nations had a Human Rights ministry !@#$#@

  5. oh my God, but that is torture to make adults wear them just to service customers.

  6. I have heard that some grown ups in US even resort to diapers because they don't want to waste time in visiting restrooms while driving long distances.I read a story about a Nasa astronaut guilty of attacking another one resorted to the same trick(She drove several hours to attack another astronaut because they both loved the same man!).Crazy world.


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