Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Usually my son and his dad are at daggers drawn to each other to the extent that sometimes Ishaan says -Mom lets go and live in a separate house and leave dad alone. Thats mostly because the dad insists more on discipline and is less patient and keeps reminding the kid that he’s not a baby any more and is a big boy, which the child is ready to admit only when it suits him.
But our recent trip to India for 3 weeks without dad has brought dad listed in the good books.
Here is an example of the flowing love and affection, which makes me a little jealous.


  1. Nice post Sara. I didn't get the last line though :( What wars was it . A movie or something?
    Disciplinarian dads are real tough to handle . At least I know for sure from my personal experience :)

  2. Now just imagine what three weeks without you being near him will do to your little son. Dads are missed when they are gone, but moms are missed even when they are in the other room in the same house.

  3. Long ago I read a "Middle" in the Times of India, on the same subject,where the child wants to go away with visiting grandparents, and the Mum just says OK, only after a day, the child wants to be back. The punch line is still fresh in my mind,"Allow them to fly away, if they return, they are yours, if they do not, do not lament, they were never yours".

  4. Personally, I'm still not used to being away from my parents in a different city. Yes, distance does make the heart grow fonder, as I have realized over the past few years.

  5. I somehow missed this post..
    Too hard rending..

    This makes me understand why everyone in the family feels being on cloud 9 when a child is born!!


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