Moustache is family property!!

“This is the first tune I learned on guitar”, remarked hubby, referring to the song ‘Ek hasina thi…ek deewana tha’, playing in the car. This was the nasal, distorted rendition of the melodious song, delivered by the great Himesh Reshamaiyya.
When did you play guitar? I asked.
“That was in some year B.S., in the B.S. –Before Sara era”, he says.
And by the way Girls go ga-ga over guitar”- this is the maximum-g-sentence, he’s ever said.
“Okay so why don’t you take up the guitar like Shahrukh Khan took up dancing in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, to woo his wife."Yes sure, also I can color my hair funky and shave off my moonchh so you won’t recognize me.
Shaving the moustache- that's a risky proposition..don’t know how you will look...for me, you were born with the moustache, can’t picture you without it!!
But I can regrow them, if its not alright!!
At this moment, sensing that the events were going out of control, Ishaan butted in.Usually he sits in the backseat and keeps listening to our conversation like a silent audience and intrudes when things start taking a serious turn and he can’t hold back.
“No!!you are not going to cut your moonchh”, he said in a voice suggestive of tears following.
Why?? I asked , that’s not going to hurt him.
Usually he prevents us from doing things which can cause the slightest physical harm.
“bcoz he will look horrible and he won’t be my dad anymore.”
So, sir you just can’t follow your whim and erase your moonchh, somebody is really possessive about it.You are accountable to him, now.


  1. ha ha ha... tht's one of the sweetest posts i have read in ages! may the moochh remain for ever and ever.. :)

  2. Reminds me of Golmaal :P

  3. nice narrative...sara !! .."to woo his wife" ...guitar, moonch or 8pk!! which one's more go ga-ga ??

  4. ha..thats really a sweet one and an beautiful narration. could almost picture the event...

  5. cant imagine parag without the moonch

  6. yes,me too..can't stop laughing even imagining him without it!!

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  8. ha! ha! much ado over "the moochh"! Yep, moochh definitely stays! Ishaan is a cutie!

  9. I can totally identify with Ishaan! Never let my dad shave his moonch! wen he did once i was in college but i wept!


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