Dhal gaya din...ho gayee raat

Just a few days back,we friends,were laughing at how our bottom-heavy old hindi film actresses like Asha Parikh used to dress up in tight-to-the-skin churidaar-kurta suits and dance and twist and somebody mentioned even playing badminton in the song Dhal gaya din...
Dhal gaya din...tik
ho gayee raat ..tik

This song I very well remember as a regular feature of Topaz Chitrahaar, every Wednesaday on our Crown Black-and-White TV,which had real shutters,which you had to open to switch on the TV and my mother had stitched a blue velvet cover to further protect it from dust.
So this song must be the only song choreographed over a badmiton game...with our very own Jeetendra in his patent tight-white pants and white shoes and also pictured in a white shirt here!!
The song begins by him trying to kiss the lady through the badminton net and never stops chasing her till the end..our old hero/heroines were damn innocent.And our hero pulls our sorts of shots with his racket(or racquet?) including hitting the shuttle from under his leg, to impress the lady.
And look at the dance after the game...she tugs at his elbow and threatens to run off with his arm and then he emulates.She falls down on the ground and then he falls down and then they both get up,circle around a little bit and then fall down together and then start hopping like frogs.Then getting up,some more chasing and finally he grabs her leg, never to let go.
It is really funny..but I can vouch for Jeetendra..he as a person would have found it inane and foolish..but look how our actors/actresses play along to amuse the audience, even if they end up looking like clowns, many a times.
Watch this soing as a tribute to our old hindi cinema..


  1. that was a real funny one.this is jitendra's fitness mantra,hopping like frog.he has been doing this throughtout.

  2. Dear Sara, You made us nostalgic. True,all that was shown then (and even now) is a lot humbug, but wern't/arn't we looking for something more than reality. Arn't the greatest Artists be it Picasso or our own Jatin Das, always trying to portray that something "Extra", which certainly no Photograph of reality can capture.

  3. It is an absolutely hilarious song with those tiks and tuks coming in like percussion!!

  4. You are too funny, love this post....made me laugh. Pata nahin kya kya aata rehta hai tere dimaag main....This time when we meet we should have Old hindi songs marathon...

  5. oh you reminded me of chitrahaar. Even this song looked so good in those days!

  6. i heard the song first w/o seeing the badminton backdrop and looved it.. seeing a flickr of the badminton bit made me love it all the more... nice post

  7. That is just hilarious, the other day, i was watching Salman Khan and Nagma, dancing off in the garden...

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  8. I have always loved this song from Humjoli including the crazy dance :) Couldn't see the video...

  9. And wasn't Leena Chadrawarkar really cute???


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