Candid ones - before I forget

Ishaan is growing up and makes some very logical conclusions and observations and his deductions from events leave us nonplussed.We laugh at his words clandestinely - he gets really wild if we do it on his face.But this is how a child's brain works:

That morning I was really upset with dad-and-son for something they both were party to.In the evening, dad and son had a talk and dad suggested that we both go and say sorry to mommy.Ishaan didn't like the idea and said-
I dont need to say sorry, she'll forget about me.

Ishaan sleeps is his own room each night and that day he was insisting he sleep with us.We always lecture him that you are old enough to sleep by yourself, to which he said-
Thats not fair.You both are older than me and still you get to sleep with each other.

We are always after him to improve his eating habits-cocentrate on eating and finish dinner in time.That day we went out to dinner with family friends and Ishaan finished his dinner before their kid, so they had some good things to say about his responsible eating.Back at home, he admonished us-
How come,others give me compliments more than you two do?


  1. I am laughing & laughing.
    haha haaaaaaaa...

  2. ishaan is a bright cant fool him.

  3. ha ha.. they always amaze you.. leave you zapped with their frank questions and uncanny logic..

    my niece had a question and an answer ready each single time... she foxed us with her wit.. now she's all grown up and we still remember the first time we held her..

  4. Yeah, first we think we are so smart and then come the kids!:-)

  5. Ishaan is smarter than parents....i couldnt stop laughing :-)

  6. Hehe..Ishaan is a darling.. :) and kids of this age are more than smart.. :p

    **Thats not fair.You both are older than me and still you get to sleep with each other. --I loved this one!! ;P the kid has a point or two here.. :)

    Nice blog sara,me blogrolling ya.. :)



  7. Ha..ha..ha..

    "Thats not fair.You both are older than me and still you get to sleep with each other."

    That is a genuine question.

    How old is your Ishaan?

  8. Thanks all for leaving your comments!!
    Solilo: Ishaan is 6 years old.

  9. LOL
    This is so typical of 6 yr olds. My nephew is 6 and he comes up with almost the same arguments. And we end up thinking 'what do we say to this guy now' :)
    Thanks for dropping by on my blog.

  10. Sounds like a sharp kid Ishaan ! His amusing logic made me laugh :-)

  11. Oh God, he is just too wonderful; quite a logical thought process!


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