Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don’t give her any grass

Ishaan’s school reopened this week.
Since the kids in each grade are shuffled each year and assigned different homerooms, it’s always an excitement to know his new classmates and to find out whether any kids from his daycare or the neighborhood or the last classroom landed in the same classroom.

When he got home, dad wanted to know whether there was any familiar face in his homeroom. This little conversation was going on between dad and son.

Dad: So, Ishaan are there any kids from your last classroom?
Ishaan: Yes, there’s this Indian girl from my last class.
Dad: So, was she all excited to see you again in her class.
Ishaan: No, she was like –Ishaan is in my class, that’s okay.
Dad: Did she say that to you?
Ishaan: No, but I know she was thinking this!
Dad: Hmm, you know, girls are like that, but don’t worry, you just don’t giver her any ghaans (grass)
Ishaan: What why should I not give her any grass.
Actually, I want to, so that she eats it and gets sick.
Dad (Laughing uncontrollably): Nahin, tu bas use bilkul ghaans mat daal.
Ishaan (frustrated now): Why Papa, what’s with the grass?
Ishaan: Papa…..what??
Dad could not answer because he was laughing uncontrollably and looked as if he would burst any moment with some laughing gas that he was inhaling.
So, I butted in at that point.
Me: Ishaan that is a saying in Hindi, which means don’t pay the least attention to her.
Ishaan: Okay, I got it.


Rohini said...

lol!!! "i want to, so that she eats it and gets sick." ROFL! Kids I say! :)

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Ishaan, jaldi se bada ho ja...

Solilo said...

Ha..ha..ha.. so cute. Hope she eats grass and get sick.

Renu said...

so cute:)

Meira said...

I don't think he likes her any which ways :))

Deepak Shinde said...

He doesn't yet know, girls showing dis-interest are the one's who are interested. Not to worry- he will learn!

Dil se said...

Cute and funny !! See, these kids of new gen can never get the true fun out of those old hindi sayings even after these translations :-) I struggle with the same thing with my 3 yr old. I'll say something in hindi and all he'll say with a confused look on his face "What did you say"?

Kaavya said...


M@ria said...

he he...early training...boys will be boys...they know the right ways and ur dude will learn it all in due course of time :)

Siddharth said...

Came across your blog through IndiBlogger.. yr blogs are hilarious... keep writing...