Sunday, September 20, 2009

My dancing star

Look at her - tooting her own horn,blowing her own trumpet, chiming her own bell!Thats what I would I have said with utmost conviction;had I read a post about someone writing about her own child's performance.

But here I am,wearing the immodest woman's cap and the doting mom's shoes, and pleading guilty!

Yesterday was Ishaan's first stage performance and that too it was a dance performance.Both of us parents are born with crooked,heavy feet made of lead which refuse to move to the rhythm.We are pathetic dancers, so having inherited our talentless genes,I never expected Ishaan to take any interest in dance.But we were in for a surprise!

A dear friend who is an excellent dancer,suggested that we put up a performance by our kids at the India festival.She took the ownership and the onus to teach them the dance steps.She patiently and painstakingly coached them,coaxed them and cajoled them into giving this flawless performance.Thanks to you Shalini,that we came to know that Ishaan has an inclination towards performing on stage, as he exclaimed -'Our dance was too short, I wanted to keep going on and on at the stage!'

Its rightly said that kids are nothing but clay;it just takes the right hands to mould them.

And I watched this performance from backstage, but since then I've watched this video multiple times and it makes my heart swell with pride and it takes my breath away as my handsome dude grooves to :'Bachna ae haseeno,lo main aa gaya.'

Ishaan is the guy in the center.


Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Ishaan is having artistic hands all I can say.
Either dance or Racing man.
Lets see in future.
Best-Wishes !!!

Meira said...

He sure has a dancer in him. Seems to be having a good time too :)

Solilo said...

Sho cute!

Eid Mubarak, Sara!

Antarman said...

Congrats to you and Ishaan both !

So true that children are just clay, parents only mould them.

Sara said...

Thanks Hobo,yes lets see what he turns out to be!
Thanks Meira,I love your blog!
Solilo, thanks a ton for the Eid wishes,thats so sweet of you!
Antarman, thanks for stopping by!

Dil se said...

Wow Sara !! I love kids dancing to all grown up songs!! And Ishaan seems to be enjoying the whole experience. I too hope my son doesn't inherit his non dancing skills from his "non dancing" mom :-)

Rohini said...

awww... thats sooo cute...he sure has some dancer cells in him! :) btw Eid Mubarak (though belated)

Reflections said...

So obvious he is having such a good time:-D

U must be soo proud:-))!!!!

Can perfectly relate to tht 2 left feet thing.