Sunday, October 30, 2011

Parenting Challenge 2011

"Mama, I am doing really good on the math challenge.You think I could be among the top 100 in the country or the best in my school"- Ishaan said, on the first day of the American Math Challenge, when I was driving him home, in the evening.
"Of course not,you are not that smart.Its a two-day event,so others will catch up to you by tomorrow." - I said.
"If you think I'm not smart,why don’t you teach me." – Ishaan
"I can only teach you but I can’t get into your head when you are doing the problems,I can't stop your hand that time when you are making the mistakes."- I said.
"You never trust me to do good.", he said with a tearful voice and slammed the car door shut with the loudest bang I've ever heard.

And thank God, I did not enter his head at the time of the challenge for he finshed 26th out of hundreds of thousands of students who participated from all over the country and the first in his school.
He is in the Hall of Fame of American Math Challenge 2011 for being among the top 100!!
And I enter the infamous Parenting Hall of Disgrace!!

Can somebody lend me a leaf of their parenting book please or better still email/Fedex me the entire book!!


Gayatri said...

Congrats to Ishaan!! Wow!! 26th!!

You are surely doing a very good job of parenting your child.

Deepak Shinde said...

convey our congrats to Ishaan!. At times that bit of anger, can push a child to greater achievements. Yet it is any time better to be told "yes, you can do it".

Reflections said...

Wow congrats Ishaan!!!! 26th among thousands in MATHS....WOW, U've got a genius there Sara:-)).

The medal & the trophy look beautiful!!!

Gauri Gharpure said...

Way to go, Ishaan!