Nasty Monday!

Shaken to the bone by phone alarm’s raucous call
I pull out my hand languidly from the soft blanket
Meaning to throw the demon fatally against the wall
My brain promptly wakes up-“Don’t do it, you’ll regret”

Sleepily pour paste on my husband’s toothbrush
Drag my reluctant somnolent bones to the shower
Why does breezy weekend always pass me in a rush?
And leave me servile to the mighty Monday’s power?

Grab my coffee and my seemingly rock-filled purse
Shoot out the door straight like a hustled bumblebee
Lest I yield and kneel down to the rapidly growing urge
of curling up in the warm bed and sleeping till three!

As I amble up the millions of steps to my floor at work
An uneasy feeling fills me, a dull ache starting in my head
My right shoulder feels unusually light and berserk
No! I had left my darned laptop plugged in by my bed!

Head hung low; I enter my boss’s office to confess
“Ah! A laptop is like an appendage”, he says no more
Evil Monday continues to dig and feed on my mess
And with stinging indignation, I start the drive home.

I find the lazy laptop dozing serenely by my bed
“Meeting moved to eleven”, beeps my boss’s text
I look with lust at the pillow sunken to fit my head
And head back to work, the very moment next!!

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