The ABCs

My feeble father can no more walk the mile
His memory lurks behind his perpetual deceptive smile

He has hidden us in a chasm so deep
and cavernous, where no light ever does peep

A wise worldly man once, now is a hapless child
Easily pleased,angered,intimidated or beguiled

Gazes fleetingly at our old family albums like a kaleidoscope
Amused by colors, sans any warmth, cognizance or hope.

So excited and docile, when I sometimes go over ‘ABCs’
Oh! the accuracy and irony of his words savagely lacerates me.

"K is for knowledge", he stealthily whispers
"Never to amass, make sure always to disperse!"

"D is for daughter, but friend who are you?
Please stay for dinner, won’t you!”


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