Kitchen Calendar

Lost in the picture on my kitchen calendar
My buoyant mind floats in the pond yonder
What if you and I were those geese?
My unmoored thoughts begin to wander.

Basking in the sprawling lap of nature
Soaking in curative warm sun’s rays
Waiting and looking out for each other
Turning our necks with easy natural grace

I'd follow keenly your step and wade
Wanting nothing but your presence
Enamored with the haven of your gaze
Pure love would be my life’s sole essence

On water, land or the limitless air
We could float away on our whim
And when furry goslings came along
We could teach them how to swim

Adrift in the sounds of my mystical island when
Whistle of pressure cooker mutes the quack
Naked cold of granite bites me hard
And once again reality snatches me back

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


  1. Aahhh!! How I love your post!! Very geaceful, like the geese :)

    I wouldn't mind being a goose for sometime I guess, surrounded by the limitless sky and deep blue water.

    Beautiful imagery also.

  2. Such a beautiful poem! going with the picture perfectly :)

  3. This is beautiful :) brings so much meaning to the picture!

  4. Thanks for stopping by,Sampada,Saumy and Vanya!


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