I will never know

She circled tirelessly, hauling in grass and mud. I quietly watched it grow. Every day, when she was out, I picked up the strewn grass and scraped the sticky droppings from the front door. One afternoon, I heard tiny chirps--almost inaudible --and leaned closer to the window.

Next morning, the nest was gone. My eyes darted to the floor-- a pink blob of flesh lay in a tiny pool of red. Eyes unopened. Raw lines of claws. Questions and sorrow rooted my feet.

I waited for her to return and mourn. No one came. I dug a hole beside the rosebush.

Writing for the Prompt Pot


  1. So sad. You painted a really good story, especially with such a limited word count. Great job.

  2. Thanks for the prompt.Looking forward to next week's prompt!


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