The Red

She bleated at my rhymes. I picked her droppings.

She was nowhere, the morning of Eid-al-adha.

Father returned, hauling the bulk in his arms. A stray dog followed, sniffing.

Her blood on his sleeve still haunts me.

Vegan, since.


  1. I have a friend who raised sheep as a kid and have always wondered how you could eat the ones you love. Though an omnivore safely removed from knowing my food, I could see how you might become a vegan.

    1. Its the story of someone I know:(

  2. I can see how that would be a tragic experience. The second last line is great - very evocative.

  3. Ooof. The detail that really worked for me was the stray dog. Nice job!

  4. Oh no. I always wonder about how the 4H kids and others that raise animals for food can handle this.


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